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Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

If you are looking for something to do with the kiddos or you want to be a kid again yourself, a great place to do that is at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and also known as the “Little Zoo that Could” and featured on Animal Planet as part of a 13-episode TV series. We had to visit this place to learn about their heartwarming stories and what better way than on Earth Day. A wonderful time to learn and share with our own children the importance of animals and the environment.

Because both of us genuinely believe that each person living here on this beautiful blue planet called Earth has an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. If you can just shorten your shower to save water, drive one mile less each day or monitor your thermostat more closely when you are not at home, or reduce plastic use. These changes will and can create a significant impact on the good of our planet. The Gulf Shores Zoo really believes in this mentality, and you can read about it all on their website. In fact, I encourage you to go to their website and see what all they have to offer in this beautiful coastal Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

We were on a mission this day to learn more about this zoo and to see a fluffy little sloth named Gus and his friends. I have always wanted to see a Sloth, and I was delighted to find one located here. You can enjoy encounters with a few other cute animals as well. The Kangaroo, an anteater, a lemur, and the sloth. All so cute and cuddly looking. Although you cannot cuddle, gently pet these wonderful furry creatures. We even found some not-so-cuddly animals to have an encounter with as well. Check out this soft and interesting Corn Snake. My daughter was a bit apprehensive.

Another interesting area was the garden where they plant all of their veggies and herbs for the restaurant, and they use earthworm compost and, you guessed it, animal droppings which they have no shortage of. All are planted in colorful raised containers. A great lesson on how to live in a sustainable way! I wish my herbs grew to this size.

We really enjoyed our day at the zoo. We suggest you take your time to look around. Savour every moment of your time together with friends or family. Or go by yourself if you like. You won’t be alone. Make a day of it. We did. And think about ending it at the Safari Club Restaurant located right there on site. If you are interested in reading more about our adventures, you can follow us on our blog.

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