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7 Ways to Spot Toxic Friends

We all want to feel accepted and to belong. And we all desire to have friends to help us to be happy in our lives. But did you know that bad friends can lead us down the road to more stress and anxiety?

Seven Signs of a Toxic Friend

  1. Friends who borrow money from you and then never pay you back.
  2. Friends who like to compete with you instead of building you up.
  3. Friends who are energy vampires. They only call you so you can listen to their complaints.
  4. Friends who always want you to do what they want to do and never take your interests into account.
  5. Friends who push to get too close too fast.
  6. Friends who only want to talk about themselves.
  7. Friends who only call when they want you to do something for them.

Good friends are reassuring to us. They help us manage our stress and feel good about ourselves. A good relationship should be one of give and take. Where you both look out for each other, build each other up, and support one another. I can think of one person I have been friends with for every number on this list. Often, it took me a while to figure out that their friendship was toxic for me. I would leave them feeling more exhausted than when I found them or maybe even hurt like something was wrong with me. Maybe you can think of some toxic friends you have had in the past. It is not always easy to make new friends, but toxic ones just make your life worse. And I have often found that when I finally say goodbye to these people, the door opens to meet new ones. 

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