5 reasons to Quit Smoking Now for Better Health

As nurses, one of the many things we do for our patients is to teach them and to help them grow into better health. If you are on a new fitness journey and you smoke, then quitting smoking is the first thing you should do in your journey. Many people think that the only people harmed by smoking are the smokers themselves, but it’s a fact that tobacco use can lead to harmful effects for everyone. One way to Savour your life IS to quit smoking.

Smoking harms infants and children.

When your children are exposed to cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoke, their health is in danger and it sends a message to them that smoking is OK. But did you know that secondhand smoke, the smoke that a smoker breathes out, contains about 4,000 different chemicals, many of which cause cancer? Did you know that about 3,400 nonsmokers die each year from lung cancer? Breathing in smoke, even secondhand smoke, can lead to Asthma, respiratory infections, lung problems, ear infections, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The best way to protect infants and children from smoke is to make your home and car smoke-free all the time and stay away from places where people smoke. 

Smoking harms unborn babies.

Pregnant women who smoke can cause serious health problems for their unborn child, for example, miscarriage, premature birth, lower birth weight, SIDS, and possibly learning problems like attention deficit disorder (ADHD).

Smoking harms teens

Many young people know that smoking is not healthy, but they think it looks cool, or they want to fit in with their friends and/or just see what it is all about, but about one-third of them will die of a smoking-related disease (American Academy of Pediatrics). Other teen smokers may experience addiction to nicotine, faster heart rate, lung problems, higher blood pressure, and less stamina and endurance. It also gives a person bad breath, and it can yellow the teeth and cause wrinkles. Talk to your children about the dangers of smoking and of second-hand smoke. Talk to them about ads they may see and ask them to be wary consumers. Just because they may see it as glamorous on TV, let them know the real facts.

Smoking harms adults

Smoking is a preventable cause of death and disease. In addition to cancer, smoking also causes heart disease, stroke, chronic lung problems, and many other diseases. For more information, visit

Thousands of Americans have found a way to quit smoking. People who quit live longer, save money and are great role models to others. They also help improve the health of everyone around them. To read more about HOW TO QUIT, click here.  For more articles on Health and Fitness, please visit our blog.