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Poetry to Light Up the Darkness

Illumination is a book of Poetry written by Tyler Knott Gregson. It was published in 2021 by Penguin Random House, and I picked it up at the local Library in recognition of poetry month. I have not read many books on poetry. Another reason I was inspired to do so. And this is my takeaway.

The author starts the book with an Introduction. He says that “some roads in this life are straight, arrows that fly true and never wobble. Some roads are smooth and sun-soaked. Some are not”. My takeaway from the book is that the writer wishes to shine light where there is dark. To illuminate this light, wherever it may be in the darkest dark. The author says that he keeps chasing this light, that he has never stopped believing in it, and that he wants to show it to the reader. I think to be a positive inspiration to the reader. To show the reader that there is light in every dark place, no matter what dark you find yourself in.
My favorite poem in the book is this one:
“If there are flowers in you, send them out, explode with color and grace;
Waste no sunlight, no time in the hiding…
If you’re made to bloom, “bloom.”

My takeaway: WOW! We are all like flowers, beautiful, each and every one of us. Bloom, do not hide yourself! 

Another one that stands out is this one:

“You were not made for me, but for you, you for yourself, it has always been this way.

Never have you belonged to anyone else, not for a half moment, not for a long blink, or whatever splits. 

The difference between our measurements of time.”

“You are yours, the key and the lock, the handle, the door, the window, and the wall.

You are the house, the home, the only one who can ever offer an invitation”.

My takeaway: Your body and your life belong to you. You are the gatekeeper of your life. You can decide who you let into your life and who you walk away from. Do not let others control you. 

The author has written many observations in his book. He observes that nothing is more divine than our lives and that if we constantly walk through the world with wonder that every breath becomes so special, like a prayer. He asks us to cherish this life, to pour ourselves into every aspect of our lives. To let go of any burdens, we might be carrying, forgiving, even when no one has apologized. He says that we humans tend to complicate things that should be really simple. He tells us that we add nonsense to things unnecessarily and that we make mistakes over and over again as if we have no choice. That life could be really simple if we wished it to be. He asks us to slow down, to breathe and tells us that there is more to life than just grinding through. (Tyler Knott Gregson, 2021)

Tyler Knott Gregson is a poet, photographer, artist, and nationally bestselling author. His website is

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