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40 Things to Do In Italy During a Siesta

Every day between 1 pm and 4 pm, they close most stores in Italy. You can not shop, buy groceries, or do much of anything until they reopen. Spain isn’t the only country that practices the midday nap. Italians call their afternoon break a “riposo” in modern Italy” Many Italian businesses close in the early or late afternoon, allowing the owners to go home, have lunch, and take a quick nap during the hottest part of the day. A fancier name is “Pennichella”. So after a recent trip to Italy, we came up with 40 things to do during a Siesta.

  1. Go to the Beach. Always fun and free.

2. Site See. But isn’t that what you came for.

3. Have a Picnic.

4. Photo Excursion.

5. People Watching

6. Bird Watch

7. Go Fishing

7. Take a Boat Ride

8. Play Games

9. Read a Book

10. Take a Nap

During a Siesta

11. Go For a Drive

12. Exercise

13. Make Food at Home

14. Visit a Park

15. Rent a Bike

16. Admire the Architecture

17. Window Shop

18. Enjoy a Glass of Italian Wine

19. Take a Bath

20. Paint Your Toenails

21. Go For a Walk

22. Draw a Picture

23. Do Laundry

24. Tidy Up Your Room

25. Play Charades

26. Dance To Italian Music Videos

27. Visit A Castle

28. Make New Friends

29. Watch Movies

30. Plan Your Next Adventure

31. Enjoy the View

32. Snuggle

33. Enjoy a Glass of Limoncello

34. Collect Rocks

35. Write a Poem

36. Coloring

37. Pick Wildflowers

38. Run From Mosquitos

39. Play Hide and Seek

40. Get a Magnifying Glass and See What You Find

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